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“It’s such an honour to collaborate with Morphe. You guys don’t understand how amazing these brushes are. Your nose will be snatched. I promise.” -Brittany Bear

Get a handle on contouring with the help of Brittany Bear. This makeup artist knows nose contouring and has mastered the art of transformation. Meet her three holy-grail brushes for a sculpted, snatched nose.

M3 Helps slim and shorten the nose (Synthetic) 
M6 Creates a beautiful button-like nose (Synthetic) 
M0 The OG brush highlights, buffs, and blends, just like that (Natural)

The lucky Morphe Babes featured were handpicked by Brittany Bear herself.


Morphe Concealers are super pigmented and the perfect illusion creators. Use our concealers to highlight areas you want to push back and use 8L & 8H Sculpt & Shimmer Palettes  to bring forward and reshape areas. Our highlight/contour palette helps define and sets the contour for all-day play. Both products create the perfect 360 nose contour.

1. With the M3 Brush, take a contour shade and draw two parallel lines down the bridge of the nose. Using the same brush, apply contour to the side and bottom of nostrils to achieve a slimmer, shorter nose.

2. Using the M6 Brush and your contour shade, connect both sides by drawing a straight line directly above the nostrils. This will create a button-like nose.

3. With the M0 Brush, take a lighter setting powder and begin to camouflage along the bridge and width of the nose, blending into under-eye highlight.

4. Using the same brush, buff and blend out any harsh contour.


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