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3 Looks, 3 Morphe Brow Must-Haves

Jan 4, 2024

4 min read

Someone who doesn’t care about beauty might think that a brow is a brow – but we know better. There are seemingly endless eyebrow makeup looks to punch up your overall attitude or glam it up with something subtle yet eye-catching. There are brow gels, brow pomade, brow pencils, dip brow gel, tinted brow gel, each existing to curate the perfect brows on your terms.

With the launch of our new tinted Supreme Brow Sculpting & Shaping Wax in 5 flexible shades, we felt supremely inspired (get it?) to develop our latest three favorite eyebrow looks with easy steps to get you there. So start browsing for your fave eyebrow vibe, then try out all three.



Wondering how to apply brow gel? Our Supreme Brow Sculping & Shaping Wax is just that – supreme, and always was. Up until this point it was a clear brow gel that elivered a soft laminated look our fans were obsessed with. It’s time to meet our tinted besties below so you can experience a brow brush with color if you’re in the mood or stay loyal to the OG. 

Step 1: Use the Morphe M625 Three-in-One Brow Sculpting Brush to pick up a small amount of the tinted eyebrow gel/wax and swipe back and forth into the lid of the wax pot evenly distributed a small amount of product onto your brush.    

Step 2: Use the brush tip to pick up a small amount of wax and swipe back and forth
into the lid of the wax pot evenly distributed a small amount of product onto your brush.    

Step 3: Use the comb end to brush your brows upward, starting at the front of your brow and moving through the tail.    

Step 4: With the brush end, apply product by tracing the bottom shape of your brow
from the front through the tail. Flip your tool to comb the wax into your brows in upward motions, starting at the front, working toward your tail.   

Step 5: Add more wax to the brush. Following the natural direction of hair growth,
swipe the brush in upward motions, into the brows starting in the center and following through the tail. Use remaining product in the front of
your now brushed-up brows.  

Step 6: Finish by using the paddle comb to brush brows upward, distributing product through the brows while setting them in place.  

Pro tip:
If you’re feeling the clear brow gel today, follow the above instructions and just switch out the M625 Morphe brow brush for the M620.

"Someone who doesn’t care about beauty might think that a brow is a brow – but we know better."



Not feeling the brushed-up brow look today? Start browsing for something more subtle with this natural and filled look featuring the Morphe Micro Brow Dual-Ended encil & Spoolie. In 10 arch-enhancing shades, you can shape your brows like nobody’s business. What’s the difference between a brow pomade vs. pencil? You can get hose realistic hair-like strokes in the flick of a wrist. 

Step 1: Starting at the inner most corner of your brow, create small upward strokes following your hair’s natural direction of growth, to fill in sparse areas.     

Step 2: Bring the pencil to your arch and create hairlike strokes toward the tail of your row, following your natural shape.   

Step 3: Use the spoolie to blend and comb through from the front of your brow hrough the tail following your natural shape.  



It’s time to go all out, and it starts with your brows. If you want all eyes on…your eyes, then grab the Morphe Definer Dual-Ended Brow Pencil & Spoolie for this all-out brow look. In 10 shades, this creamy formula glides on smoothly with an angled tip to level up your brows. 

Step 1: Start by using the spoolie to comb your brows upward. Flip your Definer Pencil over and use the micro tip to trace and define the bottom of your brow starting at the arch following through the tail.    

Step 2: Use the flat tip to fill in and define the front of your brow and to fill in the tail.   

Step 3: Finish by using the spoolie to blend the product while combing your brows nto shape.  


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