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How Do I Apply Blush Drops?

Jul 11, 2024

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How Do I Apply Blush Drops?

We’ve already established that the blush game is changing – it’s no longer a straight-up complexion product a la your foundation or concealer. Morphe is all about blending the rules and that’s why blush is now firmly set in the category of color. Feel free to play with a variety of pops of pigments, shimmers and mattes, and textures. From liquid blush to cream blush and beyond, there are so many ways to have fun with a flush.

We also love a dewy, buildable glow – have you been working out? Hot Girl Walk vibes? Maybe you’ve been kissing someone? (Side eye emoji.) This exact era of adventure and mystery is why we created the Morphe Hot Shot Blush Drops, in tandem with the Hot Shot Sun Drops if you want to also add some sun-kissed warmth to your face.

Blush drops are the latest innovation in blushes, and beauty newbies and MUAs love this formula. It’s not only extremely customizable, but offers a wide range of looks you can achieve, vibe you can create, and ways to flush and blush all through summer and beyond.

Let’s get into it – here's how to apply blush drops.

What Makes Blush Drops Unique? 

The Hot Shot Blush Drops are absolute perfection for an all-over flush and if you want to try out some fresh new shades. 

Made with a waterweight, skincare-packed formula, your skin will experience our hydrating Advanced Moisture Complex, niacinamide, and natural algae to also boost hydration and help improve skin texture.  

A formula for your skin, shades for the soul – which is exactly why you can choose from an apricot, a cool pink, a rosy beige, fuchsia, or watermelon red. Wear them on their own or layer them up – they play well with others or over your go-to complexion products.  

How Do I Apply Blush Drops? 

There are a variety of techniques to bring the beauty of blush drops to the surface of your skin. Try your hand at any of these looks we are loving.  

"Blush drops are the latest innovation in blushes, and beauty newbies and MUAs love this formula. "

Build-A Blush 

Step 1: Start by depositing a drop of the Hot Shot Blush Drops onto the back of your hand – a little goes a long way.  

Step 2: Using the Morphe M201 Cream & Liquid Blush Brush, pick up some blush and buff into your cheeks, hairline, and nose.  

Step 3: Want to step it up? Layer a powder blush over top of the blush drops as your last step before setting spray.  

Barely-There Blush 

Step 1: Create a pretty wash of color by adding a drop of our blush drops into your go-to serum or moisturizer.  

Step 2: Mix the two together using a damp beauty sponge, or our new Mini Cloud Puffs.  

Step 3: Dab onto the areas of your face you would want a hit of flush – cheekbones or apples of the cheeks, tip of the nose, and hairline.  

The Fingerpaint Technique 

Step 1: On the go or just want to forgo a brush? Add 2-3 small dots of your chosen shade of blush drops directly onto the face—this technique works best with the apples of your cheeks. 

Step 2: Simply blend upwards and outward with your fingers until you’ve achieved the level of blush that you’re after. That’s it! 

How To Finish a Blush Drop Makeup Look 

Because the Morphe Hot Shot Blush Drops are so versatile, you can pair any of the shades with a variety of makeup looks. Create a watercolor wash across your whole face with shades from one of our brighter eyeshadow palettes or play up the glow factor with a high-shine lip gloss like Dripglass.   

Just make sure to set your look using our best-selling, cult icon Continuous Setting Mist. That should be your final step no matter the look.   


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