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Behind The Scenes: Lightform Extended Hydration Foundation

Feb 13, 2024

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Creating the best hydrating foundation – that has been a Morphe mission for years. Known for its versatile, expert-level complexion and color products, the team knew the beauty world was looking for a hydrating foundation that delivered that glowy, lit-from-within radiance packed with skincare benefits. Say hello to Lightform Extended Hydration Foundation. Clinically proven to improve skin radiance, hydration, and barrier function after just 1 week, Lightform doesn’t cover up skin with a faux glow, it actively improves skin from within to reveal the natural radiance that was there all along.

We sat down with Vice President of Product Development at FORMA Brands, Danielle Jarrell, to get the behind the scenes insider scoop on how Lightform was made.

Danielle Jarrell

What was the impetus or reason behind creating Lightform?

The beauty industry is shifting so rapidly and it’s important that we stay on trend and even ahead in order to be competitive and relevant.  The hydrating foundation that is Lightform is just that – on trend and in demand by beauty enthusiasts everywhere. Healthy looking skin is always in and now we have a beautiful, high-performance formula that gives a healthy-looking, natural radiant finish.

What was the product development
process for Lightform like?

The whole Morphe team works to align on a product’s features and benefits, packaging direction, and cost target.  From there, we work on product formulation and perfect and test until approval. Packaging design and any packaging tooling happens simultaneously as well.  Quality and further safety testing continues to ensure the product is ready for commercialization.  The final stages include production and shipping of the finished goods to our warehouses and then our wholesale partners.  There are many steps included with the development process, but this is a quick snapshot of what goes into making a product. 

"After just one week, you’ll notice your skin’s barrier function, hydration and overall skin radiance is improved. Those are some powerful results."

What are some Morphe products that will work really well with Lightform?

Depending on your skin type, you may want to set your foundation with our Bake & Set Setting Powder in areas where you tend to be shiny or oilier. I do this in my T-Zone, especially in warmer months – I’ve been wearing this foundation for a while. Our Equalizer Foundation Primer is also a great addition to your makeup routine before applying this hydrating foundation. This will help in an even better application experience and help blur any imperfections. Last but not least, definitely use either our original Continuous Setting Mist for even longer wearing properties or our Continuous Prep & Set Mist+ for the same long wearing benefits and if you need an extra boost of hydration. You can’t go wrong either way.

What are the skincare ingredients within the formula and what can a consumer expect them to do?

To really boost the hydrating benefits in Lightform, we have created a unique HydroRelief Complex that has natural moisturizing sugars, humectants and hyaluronic acid that improve moisture balance and barrier function.

How is Lightform different from other foundations?

Unlike a lot of radiant and luminous foundations, we don’t use any pearls to create the natural radiant finish this hydrating foundation gives your skin. Our HydroRelief Complex is purely responsible for that effortless, healthy lit-from-within glow.

What should consumers expect when
they first apply it versus a week or two later?

When you first apply the foundation, you’ll immediately notice how smooth, creamy yet lightweight it feels on the skin. You’ll also notice how easy it is to apply with our new Lightform Dual Ended Complexion Brush.  You can feel confident that this hydrating
foundation is working all day, and the skin will feel that protected moisture barrier for up to sixteen hours. After just one week, you’ll notice your skin’s barrier
function, hydration and overall skin’s natural radiance is improved. Those are some
powerful results.

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