Turn Eyeshadow Into Eyeliner In 1 Step

Oct 12, 2023

5 min read

The versatile beauty hack you’ll never want to live without.

Sometimes an eye shadow is just too good to use only one way – basically every one we own if it’s a Morphe palette. Our limited edition holiday collection this year is all about unwrapping new ways to slay – and part of the Tease The Season launch includes two stunning 9-pan eyeshadow palettes called Seize the Present and Share The Secret that pack some serious shimmer. The holiday season is the perfect time to play around with winter makeup looks, and we’ve been obsessed with turning our fave pressed powder shadows into liquid eyeliners. From waterline eyeliner to graphic eyeliner, we’ve cracked the case when it comes to just how to perfect this technique. 

We asked Ryane Michaels, the Head of Education here at Morphe, for her artistry tips and tricks on how to take any eyeshadow shade and transform it into a gorgeous eyeliner. It all begins with our cult fave Continuous Setting Mist.



The steps are beyond simple and the looks are endless – start by applying any pressed powder shadows first as a base. Then take your favorite synthetic eyeliner brush, like the one included in our limited edition Decorate Lavishly 5-Piece Face & Eye Brush Set – it even comes with a truly innovative brush cleaner. Ryane explains that synthetic brushes are better when dampening, so mist your eyeliner brush a setting mist then twirl gently into the shadow you want to use. 

“You can start with a little mist then add depending on how dramatic you want the look to be,” she says. “The brush doesn’t need to be saturated. You’ll find it then creates almost a gel eyeliner or a glazed texture.” 

There’s a little trick to the application process as well. Instead of swooping this new texture over your lash line like you would a typical liquid eyeliner, Ryane suggests a slightly nuanced approach. Stamp the shadow gently in the middle of your lash line, then gently pull into the desired shape.


The Tease The Season 9-pan palettes offer a wide range of options when it comes to transforming eye shadow into eyeliner. 

“A graphic eyeliner or cat eye with a foiled finish would be so pretty for a holiday party,” Ryane says. “Choose a shimmer shadow for this, then apply like you would any other liner.” 

For example our faves include the metallic champagne shade Cheers To You in the Seize The Present palette, and Stolen Glance, a sparkling icy plum, would make for a gorgeous foiled liner in the Share The Secret palette

You could also choose a brighter shade and line your lower lash line for a bold minimalist moment or as part of a monochromatic eye look paired with powder shadows. This is also a great option for those looking for a more diffused and natural-looking brown eyeliner – just choose a taupe or brown shade like Winter Warmer or Dark Secret. 

Lastly, finish your eye look with Make It Big Volumizing Mascara and a full-face spritz of your setting mist.  Make sure to stock up on Continuous Setting Mist, because so many epic eyeliner holiday makeup looks are waiting!

"“I love turning my eye shadows into liner, partially because it’s fun and so easy,” Ryane said. “You could just wet an eyeliner blending brush, but spraying your synthetic makeup brushes with a setting spray it not only deepens the color and finish but you’re doing double duty because it also infuses your look with serious staying power.” "

Ryane Michaels, the Head of Education at Morphe